....A few years later

I keep getting pulled back.   Back to California...  Back to the shack...
Back to the Central Valley--back to the 209. 

I am now the Executive Chef for Woodbridge Golf and Country Club, just north of Lodi,CA.
Back to the air of familiarity and driving with my eyes closed because I know all the bends in the road. Taking the road most traveled. Same ol', same ol'.

The sunsets in California are magnificent still-- the air garnished with just enough smoke to put on a light show. There is always a forest fire of some sort burning in the state.

I hope everyone is good. My parents have gotten older and a little more elderly--my mother has Alzheimer's and doesn't know who anyone is anymore, but I love the little light that shines when she sees me. I miss our hours long political discussions and her ranting about God and the church. She has always been pragmatic and realistic. I am 100% that she hates being trapped inside her own head-IF she is conscious of it; I don't know if she can even put the thoughts she has, in order. Dad says she can't speak anymore, or does very little because she cannot string words together. I worry about it daily. My dad still takes care of her, as much as an 88 year old guy can. They have someone come in, and that's moving to 24-hour care soon.

I really need to write more about my mom because she is an amazing person who made a fantastic cheesecake, pies and apple cake. I always that said it was my father's mother who influenced me, because she was our matriarch and everything she made was from scratch.... 
truth be told; I cook because my mother taught me to make eggs when I was 8. 

The first recipe I "made" on my own was baklava. I never had it. My mother had never had it either... she didn't venture far from her own culinary knowledge-Italian, Mexican and Mid-west American. I remember when we poured the hot honey over the filo and nuts and it sizzled as the filo soaked up all the luscious sweet syrup. She smiled. I smiled. That was the first Christmas of giving my brothers home made treats as gifts. 
I love and miss my mother in her current state. But, as this disease has progressed, I mourn my loss of HER. 

Okay, so enough of that...

Here is what I do now:
Pan Seared Nova Scotia Salmon with Braised Leek and Micro-greens dressed with
D'anjou Pear Vinaigrette
The recipe for the vinaigrette is one of the first I had ever written, it uses
Sparrow Lane D'Anjou Pear Vinegar. 
House Made Pozole (pork and hominy stew)

Roasted Beet and Orange Salad with Laura Chanel Goat Cheese, Filbert dust and
  Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette

Needless to say, I have elevated my abilities over the last few years.
I have cooked thousands of meals over the years now... served thousands of people.
I progress and have grown happier. The last position I had my blood pressure was out of control... I went yesterday and it was 115/64. no lie. I'm still fat and the MD and I both agreed that yes, it's time I do something about it... I'd like my joints to not ache as much. I still out-work the young studs on the line tho'-- but now, in my position, I don't have to... that's what being the Executive Chef is for me now. FINALLY!


  1. Sending you loads of love. Del Seraphine will be at Mom and Dad's this Sunday.


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