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....A few years later

I keep getting pulled back.   Back to California...Back to the shack... Back to the Central Valley--back to the 209. 

I am now the Executive Chef for Woodbridge Golf and Country Club, just north of Lodi,CA. Back to the air of familiarity and driving with my eyes closed because I know all the bends in the road. Taking the road most traveled. Same ol', same ol'.
The sunsets in California are magnificent still-- the air garnished with just enough smoke to put on a light show. There is always a forest fire of some sort burning in the state.

I hope everyone is good. My parents have gotten older and a little more elderly--my mother has Alzheimer's and doesn't know who anyone is anymore, but I love the little light that shines when she sees me. I miss our hours long political discussions and her ranting about God and the church. She has always been pragmatic and realistic. I am 100% that she hates being trapped inside her own head-IF she is conscious of it; I don't know if she…

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