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17 October 2015

Further North and Happier for it

I am now working for the University of Maine at Farmington, Maine. Steven and I moved into a little cottage after several weeks of living in an almost 200 year old farmhouse that was up for sale. That was hard because we knew it was temporary and we never got too comfortable. Now, I feel like this cottage is home. 
It was built in the late 1920s, it has 3 rooms, each one smaller than the next, all with adjoining bathrooms. The kitchen is dinky, but I can stand on one place and not have to move far when I am cooking. It also has more storage space than the last place in MA. There's a basement, washer and dryer and the landlords pay the heat and snow removal. Everyone seems to be adjusting. 

I think it looks like a Hobbit should live here, or an Elf Mage. 

Things at work are changing slowly. I am making changes and people are welcoming. There are always challenges, but that's for another time. I have already executed one President's Dinner, and excited for the end of the month Board of Regents. I have a dinner for the local hospital's employee recognition dinner too. I love cooking, creating menus and making money. They've never seen a style quite like mine before... real. Real butter, scratch made sauces, attention paid to flavor and balance. One thing is that the company and school are totally committed to sustainability. We purchase so much from the surrounding area, and we finally got approval to use a Maine meat purveyor--local grass fed beef, lamb and free range chickens... there is a difference. I'm working on a local egg solution now too--since the Avain flu has taken out a lot of the large producers, I think buying from the community would be ideal, and safer. 

Chicken Breast with Saffron Risotto, and Balsamic Reduction
with Olive Tapanade

I love it here. Although after winter, I may change. The sky is amazing. I have been trying to take a picture everyday of the sunrise. I started taking them when we were up on Canton Mountain.
You could literally see the sky change when summer ended

Now the trees have turned, especially since the last few nights have been colder... tonight is supposed to be 24...degrees and not centigrade. Time for sweaters, boots and an extra blanket on the bed. 

These are all taken by me, no filters in the last month. I can't wait til I see the Northern Lights. Don't tell me about "colors not found in nature" anymore either.... they are all here.

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