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26 July 2014

HOLY CRAP! Things are about to change....

Life is weird.

Steven says I don't worry enough. No, it's because despite being Irish-Italian Catholic, I have learned to keep up appearances, thanks to the small but strong side of German Protestant in me. 
I was and still am freaking out. Since "they" let me go (or said I quit..) I have been in this angry mode... and having an inside pity party... Outside, I've been your typical happy go lucky self. But then something happened that is going to freaking change our lives FOREVER. I am scared. Excited. Anxious. and completely stressed out to the max.. inside. Outside I feel ecstatic! Bouncing off the walls and manic. 
Vines @ CSU Stanislaus, Turlock CA 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen... We are moving. If you follow me.. we live in Turlock, California--home to Colin Kapernick of the 49ers...etc etc.. anyhow. This is a small (80K) university town. I hate it here and have since we moved back from Texas...I loved my job. OMG! That kept me so happy... and what made me happiest, honestly, was being able to create these colorful meals with what came out of the garden on campus.... I have now been offered an opportunity, that we are taking, to go do it on the other side of the country. 

Emmaline (shepard mix) and Rufus James (corgi) both rescues
Another company... one I have been courting FOR YEARS, has made me a great offer. It's a promotion and the opportunity to be instrumental in another school's sustainability program. THIS IS HUGE! EEEEEEEK! I can't say no... NO WAY! 

So... let the freak out happen.... We are going to MASSACHUSETTS.

Some 30 miles south of Boston, Stonehill College... four seasons, reasons to buy a real coat, boots and hats...and an umbrella. 

Anyhow, I am saying yes, and we are going. I have started a GoFundMe page:


How do you use this thing?
because we need some assistance, and I am asking. 
This may seem crazy, but this is for the ideal situation and to make a super stressful situation less so...  We have about 3 weeks so time is of the essence. Feel free to share this far and wide... and in some random karmic moment any extra money over will be donated to an animal rescue in our new community. 

If you have read this far, thank you. Feel free to leave comments of support, love and encouragement too...we need those too. oooo...so excited..time to go throw stuff away... Thanks.

Chef Connie Bearden.

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