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06 September 2010

That Chicken is a JERK!!! or sometimes we are lazy and it shows...

I shop on the cheap. I buy the meat that's in the clearance pile, about to be expired. Sometimes there is some seriously good deals in there! Don't be scared if the sell by date is today or tomorrow. Get it home, repackage it and freeze it or use it immediately. I have gotten veal paillards, ground lamb and NY steaks out of there and made some brilliant meals! Recently I came across some whole cut up chickens... for 50% off.  So I piled 4 of them in my cart and toted them home.
Yesterday, I decided to pull one out and make some Caribbean Jerk.. well the one I went for came out of the freezer and landed hard on my toe, this was the one I was going to JERK!! Thought my toe may have been broken, but a bag of frozen corn later, it is fine, bruised but workable.
When I make jerk I use a  Jamaican recipe that I acquired from Jamaican Eats magazine. This time, not so much. I used a sauce from World Harbors, maker of various sauces found in the grocery store. I prepped the chicken, trimming off the excess fat and placed it all together in a ziploc bac and in the fridge for almost 10 hours.
While Steven grilled the chicken, I prepared sweet potato and plantain frites and mango rice.
I love my mango rice. It always turns out well, whether I cook the mango in the rice or add it after (Steven's preferred method). I will post that recipe, because I was lazy with the Jerk and trust me, it showed.

Mango Rice

1 c. white rice, jasmine or basmati
2 cups chicken stock
1 tbsp butter
1 shallot, minced
1/8th tsp ground allspice
1 ripe mango, diced

Place butter in sauce pan, melt and saute shallot til translucent, add mango and rice stirring to coat with butter. Add in chicken stock, bring to boil, cover, reduce heat to simmer and allow liquid to cook out of rice. Serve.
or you can cook the rice without the mango and add it fresh to the rice just before serving. I like to do that too, maybe chop up some cilantro and a squeeze of lime too. Really has an island flavor to it.

jerked chicken, broccoli, sweet potato and plantain frites and mango rice
I was not happy with the way dinner turned out actually. The jerk did not permeate the chicken like I had hoped, and I overcooked the broccoli. But, in addition to successes I should talk about failures too. I liked the way the chicken LOOKED almost like tandoori. When I do my jerk again, I will do it the right way, and not be lazy.

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